Friday, May 8, 2009

Skywatch Friday and True Colours Thursday

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Description: Life in the North of Scotland with a bunch of dogs, a budgie, five hens, a disdainful cat and a long-suffering husband.
Meme: Skywatch Friday
Origin: Scotland
Date: April 30, 2009

I'm a bit late for True Colours, it's rainbow this week and I didn't think I had anything suitable to post but then I remembered this shot. It was taken a couple of summers ago when we camped at Shiel Bridge. We weren't alone, at least a million midges kept us company. As we stood admiring the view out over the Five Sisters of Kintail, we watched the rain cloud sweeping up the loch, bringing the rainbow(s) with it. And probably a million more midges.

We're now into May so it's quite fitting that this sunset was taken in that month, albeit a few years ago now. It's taken from our back garden, looking over the houses to a glimpse of the sea. I haven't altered the image, this is just how it looked.

Different places, different countries ...all are giving away beautiful and spectacular skies in their own time. The first picture above is more designed to show off a lovely woman's contour (mountains). And the sunset is marvellously pinky.

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