Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Sydney Christmas

Blog Name: Sydney Eye
Origin: Sydney Australia

Subject: Familytime

What a wowie of an array of pictures here!

How much I enjoy reading your post. You know Julie what I love most amongst Australian writers? Their colourful words. Very compelling and they never ever are dull. Australian words except the SW (lol) are pretty colourful almost as colourful as any paint the artist can take to the canvas. They never put me to sleep.

That is the reason why I buy newspapers and magazines, not as often though, and I read them with much perusive digestion. Well, I just made that up from its own adjective (perusable) which sounds more expletive, explosive and emotive.

Your post here highly demonstrates that.

It's funny though that there is still much literacy problem this country has to tackle and deal with.

Great to find your blog. Thanks to Jim of Sydney - City and Suburbs.

Must visit more often.

Reflections: Holiday Windows by John

Blog Name: The Aware Writer
Date: December 25, 2009

Meme: Weekend Reflections

Subject: Saigon Christmas Collection

Life is full of surprises and interesting notes and lessons to learn from other cultures. Here, you have shown the colourful diversity of a simple theme ‘Reflection’ as shown in the wisdom of the people of Saigon through their Arts.

Thanks for the privileged and honour of your visits and kind comments that add colours to my blogworld.

All the best and may you and your family have a blessed and safe season.

Christmas Reflections by James

Blog Name: Newtown Area Photo
Date: December 25, 2009
Origin: Newtown, Pennsylvania USA

Meme: Weekend Reflections#14

Subject: Reflection of a Christmas tree

Reflections ... for contemplation, meditation ... can life be reconstructed by looking at what we see on a mirror? What's wrong with ourself?

Are we flawless? As flawless and glossy as the pictures above? How is our soul reflected in the mirror of life?

Very meaningful theme and you have chosen it with care and wisdom.

Thank you James for all your kind support that help my blogging days colourful and worthwhile. I am very appreciative of your very generous visits and leaving me encouraging comments.

May you and wife Vicki will continue to live life abundantly as reflected in the pictures you above. A life that depicts prosperity and good health.

I tend to post pictures with philosophical ideas as to the concept of Reflections beyond the shadowy appurtenance of the theme.

All the best my friend.