Monday, May 16, 2011

Mischief Steps Out by Janie

 Blog: Janie and Steve, Utah Trails

 Pictorial Theme: Mischief demands riding time.

My Comment:

Good morning Janie, with dawn out of sight in my part of the world, I am taking pleasure musing over Mischief and your incredible unlimited knowledge of your surrounding: name of places, wild flowers, etc. It's a pity the antelopes were gone before your camera was ready to set. At least you have the dramatic effect of the dust trail they left for you. haha. As I am closely looking at the those terrains you are following through, your blog title does justice in those specks of trails you'd passed through. I get sidetracked most of the time, so you'll wonder, where on earth I popped out from! Oh this jesty cold autumn morning mood here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Positive Thoughts by Karina G. Loureiro

Blog: Positive Thoughts

Theme: "Go at Life with Abandon: give it all you've got. And life will give all it has to you. "~Norman Vincent Peale

My Comment:

If there is anyone who is instrumental of my appreciation to people's words of wisdom, it is my late Mother. At an early stage of my life when understanding started to form and develop in my youthful mind, my late mother opened up to me the gate to the world where compassionate and sage people lived and whose words bring positive impact to the life of many. Norman Vincent Peale is among these people.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meanderings and Reflections by Susan Deborah

 Blog: The Author's Work or His/Her Life

My Comment:

Them people are celebrities where every fibre of their soul is counted by the number of their hair. They are exempted to the rule of "what you see is what you get." Being a public figure they are under harsh subjugation to both microscopic and macroscopic scrutiny that even the color of their fecal matter is known to the world! It's the piquant work of the media! The Artist! The eccentrics! The Everything. When I read a book, I admire the gift of the author. Nothing more, nothing less. As to his private life? Who cares? If they are not popular, no one knows and nobody will know. Will any one out there truly cares? The media are damn manipulators! If we can separate our admiration to them as human beings, then we don't have to worry about their inverted intestines being exposed by the media. It's their life. And they are not Gods. Therefore, they have no duty to become Super Models - though it would help color their Integrity. It's just tough luck that they are in the limelight!

Blog: Role Models/Mentors/Godfathers ...

Susan wonders if humans need them?

My Comment:

I looked up at my mother with much respect, admiration and love just as you do with yours. I learned a lot from her and regarded her as a well-rounder. From her gifts, skills, intelligence, and so on - I would say, she fits the Proverbial Woman described in the Bible. But I could never remember ascribing her as my Role Model. She was a model of good virtue alright but to see her in a perspective as if she is a Goddess and that I must be like the person she was... no I don't think so. To me, that mentality is putting you in competition to your own mother as a Role Model and much expectations would be involved. No, I don't think I can stand that.

In my opinion, I think people in general especially the younger generation are being spoon fed by that word as hyped up by media. Media loves to create and dramatize words and make them appear like something that sparkle in the sky. And so you must Sparkle too!

And some "Role Models" are inclined to push and pressure their followers to be like them berating and belittling them if they cannot keep up to their expectations.

Blog: The Like/Love Debate

Does loving comes after liking?

My Comment:

Ah Susan, am back from gallivanting they call it in formal lingo "holiday or vacation" another food for thought for you to generate your reader's opinion?

Like/love debate. ... hmmm I think I have some idea on this but at the moment my head is still spinning because I like someone at the same time I am also feeling in love with him. And I let him know it and he doesn't seem to care (under pretense) but I can tell he is enjoying it. That is, liking him as a Friend and loving him as a Friend. Further development will rise up later if it is meant to be which I don't want to hold a torch for, rather I will leave it to Him above to bless that friendship.

Meanwhile we're both enjoying the ride of liking and loving each other as Friends. Hope you get the picture?

Blog: Flirting with Intelligence or Intelligent Flirting

Resonance on flirting as an art mastered by few.

My Comment:

Hmmm another great thing to ponder. Did I come in the right time? This is mind blowing visit to you Susan. Delicious stuff on your Intellectual Plate here.

I am awed by the term "intellectual flirting". Probably I am without knowing it since I have been told that my "unassuming "intelligence" and unpretentious "wisdom" is appealing. Intelligence and Wisdom, heavy stuff! haha

Now, who's flirting? Me or the other party? Inasfar as I am concerned I only follow the flow of a particular conversation. But for someone highly intellectual to tell me that, wow! How shall I take it?

Good and constructive compliments seldom come by... so I took it with genuine appreciation than for anything else.

You are one great blogger worth following Susan.


Blog: The Boredom Syndrome

Why do people get bored?

My Comment:

Well, dear Susan, keep us entertained, so we won't get bored.

Like you said, there's plenty of things to do. And I never fall short of them. So come along and let's have some fun!

Go read someone's blog if you get bored writing your own. That's my simple solution of boredom if I rarely get any.

Yawn! Guess, I must call it a day. Good night dear Susan. Let you know just how much I enjoy reading your blog.

Hope you don't get bored putting up with me. ^_^.

Blog: "Meet my dad, he's my best friend"

The Parent-Child relationship can take different hues and turns and can baffle others.

Here's my personal view on being a Parent at the same time as my Children's Best Friend:

Susan, I become a mother at 39 and 40 years old respectively. You can imagine the gulf-age gap between my children and I. I am also very much old-fashioned in my mindset. However, due to my observations of parental autocracy practiced in our Oriental Cultural Society that gone haywire - there were more troubles generated in that system than you think in regards to Parental Role towards Children where parents became abusive of their power and authority that led children to rebel. I saw that when I was a child, as a teenager and as an adult.

Thankfully, even if my parents were very strict, we developed open communication in our family where our parents confronted us on issues of growing up with openness, frankness and straightforwardness. Of course, not all things went smoothly but at least we kept the moral ground of our upbringing at par.

We did not get pregnant, and nobody made someone pregnant and did not commit.

So when I became a parent myself (I am a single mother by circumstances) at an old age, I was pretty straightforward to my children in a very affectionate environment. Our relationship was Parent-Friends. I explained it to my children so as a Parent, they would listen to me and respect me; and, as a Friend, they would come to me and confide in me anything that bothered them. I know of many children who tend to be secretive or have that fear of telling their parents if they do wrong by commission or omission.

Again, there were bloopers somewhere on the way too but I was pleased of the reasonable actions and behaviours of my children.

Parents-Friends is what I will recommend to aspiring parents. The bottom line is: Open Communication, not condemnation if something goes wrong in that relationship. Friendship, love, respect, trust and understanding are the most vital factors to make Parents-Friends relationship work.

That way, there is no barrier and no wall between parents and children. By saying this, I did not imply that we are perfect family. All I say by applying those of the above, nothing will be compromised as to parental leadership, values and principles.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Beach Buggy Wheels Friday by Gemma

 Blog Meme: Wheels Friday
Created by : Gemma of Greyscale Territory
 Date: July 30
Subject: Beach Buggy Wheels

My Comment:

Your constant contribution to the photographic blog exudes your gift you abundantly shared to many people all over the world.

You always pick interesting subjects with poetic connotation that attract attention.

Photography is poetry conveyed and portrayed through pictures.

As to the wheely picture above, it is indeed a very unique buggy item. If properly dressed all over, this looks more like our private jeep back home, the car of the rich.

Such a vintage.

I'll post this in my blog comments blog.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deja Brew by Luna Miranda

Blog Name: Live in the Moment
Meme: Nostalgic Marveling

Subject: Deja Brew
Date: July 28, 2010

My Comment:
Your post is as stimulating as your irresistible mug of thick creamy coffee.

Back home, coffee is a form of social link connecting thoughts of people sitting in a round, square, rectangular or oval table. Some people prefer standing, squatting on the ground, walking, talking while holding that steamy cup of coffee black or white.

This nostalgia of yours brings back good and funny memories about coffee in my childhood.

The coffee that I grew up with was an ordinary coffee and later on that was extended to the aromatic, salivating coffee - homemade and fresh from the coffee tree - coffea arabica grown in someone else backyard to which we were allowed by the owner to harvest and make use of.

Recently, I learned that coffee helps or stimulates memory. No wonder why my Medical Student roommate in the university drank it like water in pure black brew! I could not remember her sleeping at all and I suffered in silence because the light was left on till morning. Fancy how I survive!

Great nostalgic trip here dear. Very intelligent prose.

This is going to be featured in my Blog Comments blog.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Congratulations to your 100th Posts Lucy

Blog Name: Lucy's Cat Lounge
Date: January 11, 2010
Subject: I'm Celebrating!

Hi Vicky,

Here's something for Lucy because she is very special. From my Halle's Crown blog.

Congratulations Graphic #38



Friday, January 8, 2010

A bouquet of Prayers for my friend Rosidah

This is for you Rosidah... from the bottom of my heart. Some prayers to go with this bouquet for your dear Mother.

Sorry With Flowers Graphic



Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bloganniversary by Arkansas Patti

Blog Name: The New Sixty
Date: December 27, 2009

Subject: Bloganniversary Time

I used to be a lurker - reading blogs of someone else blog. In most cases, I leave comments as I am ..Bonnie Bonsai. The handle is just too self-explanatory.

I don't know how I came across to your blog. When I read comments, some names attract my attention. Then I get to visit and read what they write.

One time, I read your blog about the boy ...and thought what a nice lady this one is! I can tell it by heart your sincerity and genuiness as a person. That was when I offered to send a postcard.

I was prepared for your skepticism, but you did surprise me when you entrusted me your postal address.

Anyway, as it turned out, you are a very good writer Madam Patti. This title of address is of course conveyed with sweet affection.

One day, I will not be surprise to see your book published as they're worth reading as not everyone can glue in front of the computer to read the writings seen on the monitor.

Francis Gay an Inspirational Writer published a book The Friendship Book taken from his daily journal. Each year, he comes up with a new book in a yearly sequence and I am one of his fans.

Maybe you should too! You show us that there are American families who are as solid as yours when almost everyday, there are families that crumble.

Thanks for being You are dear Madam Patti. I do enjoy reading your blog, though am not always the first to read and leave a comment.

Have a lovely 2010 ... all the best!

January 6, 2010 12:34 AM

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Sydney Christmas

Blog Name: Sydney Eye
Origin: Sydney Australia

Subject: Familytime

What a wowie of an array of pictures here!

How much I enjoy reading your post. You know Julie what I love most amongst Australian writers? Their colourful words. Very compelling and they never ever are dull. Australian words except the SW (lol) are pretty colourful almost as colourful as any paint the artist can take to the canvas. They never put me to sleep.

That is the reason why I buy newspapers and magazines, not as often though, and I read them with much perusive digestion. Well, I just made that up from its own adjective (perusable) which sounds more expletive, explosive and emotive.

Your post here highly demonstrates that.

It's funny though that there is still much literacy problem this country has to tackle and deal with.

Great to find your blog. Thanks to Jim of Sydney - City and Suburbs.

Must visit more often.

Reflections: Holiday Windows by John

Blog Name: The Aware Writer
Date: December 25, 2009

Meme: Weekend Reflections

Subject: Saigon Christmas Collection

Life is full of surprises and interesting notes and lessons to learn from other cultures. Here, you have shown the colourful diversity of a simple theme ‘Reflection’ as shown in the wisdom of the people of Saigon through their Arts.

Thanks for the privileged and honour of your visits and kind comments that add colours to my blogworld.

All the best and may you and your family have a blessed and safe season.

Christmas Reflections by James

Blog Name: Newtown Area Photo
Date: December 25, 2009
Origin: Newtown, Pennsylvania USA

Meme: Weekend Reflections#14

Subject: Reflection of a Christmas tree

Reflections ... for contemplation, meditation ... can life be reconstructed by looking at what we see on a mirror? What's wrong with ourself?

Are we flawless? As flawless and glossy as the pictures above? How is our soul reflected in the mirror of life?

Very meaningful theme and you have chosen it with care and wisdom.

Thank you James for all your kind support that help my blogging days colourful and worthwhile. I am very appreciative of your very generous visits and leaving me encouraging comments.

May you and wife Vicki will continue to live life abundantly as reflected in the pictures you above. A life that depicts prosperity and good health.

I tend to post pictures with philosophical ideas as to the concept of Reflections beyond the shadowy appurtenance of the theme.

All the best my friend.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Beware of Roses by Arkansas Patti

Blog Name: The New Sixty
Date:November 11, 2009

Subject: Rose can kill you

I think I had a related problem as yours but mine was caused by touching and caressing cactus. Yes, in my teenage life, my passion was collecting cactus of different variety and everyday, I touched them and caressed them as if they were my lovers. And in those days having lived in a remote area in my country where convenience was out of reach, there was no such thing as garden gloves. I grew up basically gardening with just bare hands.

For all I knew, tiny particles of the cactus that were left undetected in my hands particularly my right hand thumb.

Every night I moaned in pain; excruciating pain. But we could not see the culprit. My thumb looked red and swollen and soon a pus formed.

My mother gathered some herbs and wrapped them in banana leaves and heat it over a live ember. Then re-wrapped it in gauze and applied it as a poultice over my infected thumb.

It eased the pain until it subsided. The result was and is a deformed thumb.

I don't know what infection it was for we were far from the doctor and void of any medical help.

Thank you Ma'am Patti for alerting your experience because in my case, I did feel the pain traveled throughout my body that I just could not explain. If the swelling and the accumulation of the bacteria did not stop, it could surely travel through my heart and probably damaged my central nervous system.

Thankfully my mother was resourceful and she did the best she could in the absence of medical or scientific cure.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When Darkness Falls by Cher

Blog Name: Cher Sanz Photoblog

Date: November 3, 2009

Subject: Monochrome Photography

I love the glow in the background. That accentuates the monochromatic effect of the photo. Just an honest opinion.

Window Fit for A King or Queen by MARYT/THE TEACH

Blog or Name: Window Views and Doors Too

Date: October 28, 2009

Subject: Meme for windows and doors #28

Such a unique interest that focus on doors and windows. These two important components of the building simple or complex have their order of importance as the parts of our body. Great mental stimulant Mary.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Route Touristique du Champagne - France

Blog Name: Bonjour Luxembourg
Origin: Luxembourg
Date: November 2, 2009

Subject: Tour of France

The buildings possess its own distinct old European cultural heritage in architectural design.

The autumn colour of the trees looks like a pastel palette and the farm is green and serene highlighted by a thin mist.

Pretty sight to behold. A picture of peace and meditation.

Let's Run Through the Jungle by Regina M Pereira

Blog Name: Kilauea Poetry
Origin: Hawaii
Date: November 1, 2009

Subject: Black and White Photography - Jungle

No matter how the future fasts forwards, there is always something to look back and re-appreciate the things of the past. Like the black and white photography. Who says, black and whites are now settling with the dust in a dark archives? Definitely love these pictures. Love that creeping fellow claiming territorial ownership of his leafy kingdom.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Nature Trail

Blog Name: Nature Trail

Date: October 25, 2009

Subject: Celebration with Flowers

What beautiful birthday flowers they are Anna.

Cheers on your 6oth.

Please collect my greetings from here.

Many Happy Returns of the day Anna!

Each tier represents a score. Three tiers is three scores. :)

Birthday Graphic #398

Birthday | Forward this Picture

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Second Blog Anniversary for a Happily Retired Gal

Blog Name: Small Reflections
Date: October 21, 2009
Origin: USA

Subject: Celebrating My Second Blogoversary

Comment due for blog title: Beginnings

It's really great that we now have this technology advancement and our being a 'closet writer' is now a thing in the past.

We may not be recognized by those who never knew us, but it's amazing how we find there are so many out there who come and pause to read our thoughts once were only scribbled in a humble journal.

I am not a steady journal pen writer because I am used to typing. Yet, that cannot be dutifully accomplished as I have the tendency to be lazy. I write them down in my memory and most times, they automatically delete themselves when they are ready to be consigned to forgetfulness.

I feel privileged to revisit to read your beginning in the blogosphere. I have been blogging in my early days over at myspace until some lunatic hacked that profile and I lost everything I posted there. My back-ups were also deleted when someone changed our window program and did not really care to copy all what I had stored there.

So keep all those journals.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thoughts after Thoughts - Part I

Blog Name: Salitype Society
Date: October 2, 2009

Title: A Post by Jeff Johnson, Mental Health Therapist


It is really very important to have a nurturing family who has fear in God. Though how much we may mean well in life, sometimes life can go off rail for whatever reason. It is up to us how to revalue ourselves so we can say, We are worth it!

I feel very sorry for those that did not get much love right from their own family.

When I was young, and my father worked as a military personnel; his job as a law enforcer was to pursue the lawless.

When he did, he would bring them home and feed them before taking them to the camp for investigation and custody.

Imagine how naive we were in the family what he brought home to be fed. And my mother would feed them without question.

The lawless? Believe it or not, they tailed my father without handcuffs.

Why was that? Because my father valued them as Humans worth his every respect. And there was no excuse why he shouldn't.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Relaxation by Cheryl

Blog Name: NOSTALGIA: Today and Yesterday
Origin: Washington, USA
Date: September 8, 2009

Subject: Relaxation

I love those shell lamps and the fish lamp. And Orca is up there too! Sorry to hear of a disruptive sleep, but at least you have the quietest moment for the rest of the day. Cheryl, my Boat and Sheep jigsaw was my 200th jigsaw puzzle solved. For now, I don't care about the timing anymore. I just play as it pleases me especially that my thinking process has been a lethargic these days, being feeling tired. Hope your school days ahead will be more exciting! Keep blogging still! :)

Plant Education via The Orchard by Titania

Blog Name: yesterday today and tomorrow
Origin: Australia
Date: September 6, 2009

Subject: Designer Stuff

Good morning Titania. With so many blogs to visit I could hardly keep up.

Coleus plants come in many varieties. And yes, they are easy to grow being succulents. Some are decoratives and some are medicinals. The most popular medicinal specie is the read with semi elongated leaves. Good for treating bruises and wounds. In another blog it mentioned that it is also good for headaches and coughs.

I love the Calathea amabilis or Prayer plant. The contour of the leaves alone and the form of the ribs is quite interesting: leaves within a leaf.

It is from you that I learn most of the names of the plant.

If you allow me to copy the picture with their names on it, that's all what I am interested about.

I studied Pharmacognosy in my Pharmacy class and most of my knowledge are forgotten being out of practice.

Meanwhile, am not doing anything until I hear approval or disapproval from you.

I do find it hard to compare pictures in my Plant Encyclopedia because the pictures varies and that makes me so unsure. Even if I google them.

Thank you dear teacher.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Weekend Memoirs by AL

Meme: Our Weekend Memoirs
Origin: Philippines
Date: September 6, 2009

Subject: Church of Paoay, Ilocos Norte

Very highly educational, interesting, entertaining and one that is cleverly presented by such a talented lady like you. As DJan noted, that is an Organic Church. I know that Egyptian architectures are made of straw bricks, so it's not a wonder how this Church in Paoay made such a long lasting heritage to last in centuries.

Most of us in the bloggerworld have seen many wonders in the world beside those listed on the top 7. Little did we know that there are still many in thousands out there that still remains to be discovered.

I am truly awed by the knowledge of the people since time immemorial how they created things much to our wonderment. The modern architecture seems to be reduced to shame at other times when it comes to the durability of their composition and component of their buildings these days. Easily cracked at a slight tremor.

Anyway, could you please pick this up for this lovely blog?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Skywatch by Carol

Blog Name: photo phase
Meme: Skywatch Friday
Origin: Ohio USA
Date: 3 September 2009

Subject: Horse barn

The Angels painted them for you! I have never seen one like that before! It looks so charismatic and the prismatic layer of the colour is just awesome! I wonder if you let me copy that picture and be inspired to write poetry of that beauty?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Being Marvin Gaye by Judith Ellis

Blog Name: The Being Brand
Date: August 24, 2009

Subject: "What's Going On?"
There are so many things going on in the world today both good and bad.

I heard many old folks asked, "what went wrong?"

I'm not in a position to answer their question. I can't offer any at the moment. But I guess I have an idea.

Love is the word that would heal us all our problems, our woes, our sorrows expressed by crying and dying.

For God is Love.

Great song from Marvin Gaye. Simply beautiful!

If there is anyone that is incapacitated in this world, it is the people running the government lawlessly and the lawless people behind that lawless government. A quick recipe for a chaotic world, alas Judith.

I really wonder and curious like a child and asked myself, "where is the government of the people, for the people and by the people" now?

Does it still exist? Or only in the book of History and is now tagged "famous quote?".

Very sad for the vulnerables and the defenseless are the one who are being "punished with brutality" - brutality of injustice. Sigh.<

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Sibling Frolic by Cherie

Blog Name: This Side of Town
Date: 22 August 2009

Subject: Playing in the puddles

Oh Miss Sanitation. lol.

That word reminds me of two sisters. One is Mrs Filthy and the other is Mrs Clean.

Mrs Filthy is so philosophical and cannot be told to clean up.

She retorted Mrs Clean, "Manang, nobody died of filthiness but many died of too much cleanliness."

True to form and guess who died first? Wanna bet?

Oh boy!

Once in a while, let the children expose to tolerable dirt to build up their immune resistance to bacteria. Just remember the word: Limitation for as long as they will not ingest and digest harmful germs.

Again another thing reminds me of something. When I took the Pharmacy Board Exam in 1984, one question asked was: What is the role of bacteria in Industrialization?

Cloudbusting 421 by Chrome3d

Blog Name: Cloudbusting
Meme: Skywatch Friday
Date: 22 August 2009

Subject: Hockey Arena

You know each time I watch the sky in every angle of its transformations, it really makes me wonder how Miracles can happen even in the unfathomable heights of the earth. Can you truly grasp how their beauty is painted up there? Even in the poet's mind, words are beyond her overwhelming AWE to describe such phenomenon. And in the painter's eye, his easel is not big enough to accommodate such glory and his palette will be lacking colours to dip his brush in.

Now you got my poetic mind at work again. I just need some kind of stimulation. lol.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blog Your Blessing by Sandy Carlson

Blog Name: Writing in Faith
Date:Aug. 21, 2009

Subject: Rip Tide II in the Granite State

Oh Sandy, when it comes to children, I thought our experience is only confined to our cultural background, to our upbringing. Little did I realize we all go through the same drama and the same predicament as mother as with our daughters.

One time, my eldest blamed me for raising them "goody - goody". She pointed out that all the while I only showed them beauty but failed to tell them the ugly part.

That part made me speechless but I opted to remain quiet and didn't offer an explanation. Whether it was right or wrong, I firmly kept quiet.

In truth, I could have told my girls about that aspect of life, you called rip tide. But then again, through my philosophical mind, I wanted my girls to find out themselves what life is outside their comfort zone and see if they could handle it. They knew my overprotectiveness. Yet, in that case, I let them explore the outside world away from home.

As it turned out, they did learn two things themselves including friendship. That there are only two polarities that exist: positive and negative.

I could not ingrained to them the negative side of life, least they become paranoid. However, I did equip them with caution. Now, I feel they realized the values I taught them some of which were left unspoken.

Bit emotional in this post Sandy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

At 14 by

Blog Name: The New Sixty
Origin: Arkansas USA
Date: August 17, 2009

Subject: For the full story, please read this link: Someone else' pain

hahaha poor boy. sorry for laughing. not that i find the story funny because it's real. i am laughing on the way how you put the words together.

before i started to have periodic ritual and it happened when i was 15, both my parents had already tucked us in a spin (my sister and I) in a bin of Sex Education. Yes, they were our very first teacher in Sex Education in the way that didn't sound awful or malicious. We listened intently and with seriousness as they talked to us with understanding. Why? because we were already aware of what was going on around us at the time, considering the old fashioned ways people lived in those days, yet, yet, there were few cracks happening in between in such a small town.

I did the same to my girls. But in all efforts, I always prayed for their safety especially I was alone to raise them up and as I was working I could not be there all the time to watch them. I trusted them and they knew that.

It's a shame I cannot watch Oprah like I used to. My TV's connection (just the cord) is loose and I cannot be bothered. I spend more time with blogs.

I love your humour.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My First Pre-Nup Shoot by Jennifer

Blog Name:An Autobiography in the Works

Origin: Philippines
Meme: Our Weekend Memoirs
Date:August 16, 2009

Subject:Shutter Happy Jenn

There is so much about networking. One of them is "honing computing skills" without going through the traditional classroom retinue which sometimes can be tedious.

Just enjoy photography. You don't need an expensive camera to be one. All of my non-digital cameras are broken, and so with my one and only basic digicam.

Am happy enough using my mobile camera (cell phone) but the results can also be selective. In typographic term, it is Case Sensitive..if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the visit.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Window Views by Small Reflections

Blog Name: Small Reflections
Meme: Window Views
Date: August 12, 2009

Subject: Neigbourhood Windows

Even in the construction of buildings and houses, features such as windows, doors and rooftops not to mention the walls and interiors; speak the character of the builder.