Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meanderings and Reflections by Susan Deborah

 Blog: The Author's Work or His/Her Life

My Comment:

Them people are celebrities where every fibre of their soul is counted by the number of their hair. They are exempted to the rule of "what you see is what you get." Being a public figure they are under harsh subjugation to both microscopic and macroscopic scrutiny that even the color of their fecal matter is known to the world! It's the piquant work of the media! The Artist! The eccentrics! The Everything. When I read a book, I admire the gift of the author. Nothing more, nothing less. As to his private life? Who cares? If they are not popular, no one knows and nobody will know. Will any one out there truly cares? The media are damn manipulators! If we can separate our admiration to them as human beings, then we don't have to worry about their inverted intestines being exposed by the media. It's their life. And they are not Gods. Therefore, they have no duty to become Super Models - though it would help color their Integrity. It's just tough luck that they are in the limelight!

Blog: Role Models/Mentors/Godfathers ...

Susan wonders if humans need them?

My Comment:

I looked up at my mother with much respect, admiration and love just as you do with yours. I learned a lot from her and regarded her as a well-rounder. From her gifts, skills, intelligence, and so on - I would say, she fits the Proverbial Woman described in the Bible. But I could never remember ascribing her as my Role Model. She was a model of good virtue alright but to see her in a perspective as if she is a Goddess and that I must be like the person she was... no I don't think so. To me, that mentality is putting you in competition to your own mother as a Role Model and much expectations would be involved. No, I don't think I can stand that.

In my opinion, I think people in general especially the younger generation are being spoon fed by that word as hyped up by media. Media loves to create and dramatize words and make them appear like something that sparkle in the sky. And so you must Sparkle too!

And some "Role Models" are inclined to push and pressure their followers to be like them berating and belittling them if they cannot keep up to their expectations.

Blog: The Like/Love Debate

Does loving comes after liking?

My Comment:

Ah Susan, am back from gallivanting they call it in formal lingo "holiday or vacation" another food for thought for you to generate your reader's opinion?

Like/love debate. ... hmmm I think I have some idea on this but at the moment my head is still spinning because I like someone at the same time I am also feeling in love with him. And I let him know it and he doesn't seem to care (under pretense) but I can tell he is enjoying it. That is, liking him as a Friend and loving him as a Friend. Further development will rise up later if it is meant to be which I don't want to hold a torch for, rather I will leave it to Him above to bless that friendship.

Meanwhile we're both enjoying the ride of liking and loving each other as Friends. Hope you get the picture?

Blog: Flirting with Intelligence or Intelligent Flirting

Resonance on flirting as an art mastered by few.

My Comment:

Hmmm another great thing to ponder. Did I come in the right time? This is mind blowing visit to you Susan. Delicious stuff on your Intellectual Plate here.

I am awed by the term "intellectual flirting". Probably I am without knowing it since I have been told that my "unassuming "intelligence" and unpretentious "wisdom" is appealing. Intelligence and Wisdom, heavy stuff! haha

Now, who's flirting? Me or the other party? Inasfar as I am concerned I only follow the flow of a particular conversation. But for someone highly intellectual to tell me that, wow! How shall I take it?

Good and constructive compliments seldom come by... so I took it with genuine appreciation than for anything else.

You are one great blogger worth following Susan.


Blog: The Boredom Syndrome

Why do people get bored?

My Comment:

Well, dear Susan, keep us entertained, so we won't get bored.

Like you said, there's plenty of things to do. And I never fall short of them. So come along and let's have some fun!

Go read someone's blog if you get bored writing your own. That's my simple solution of boredom if I rarely get any.

Yawn! Guess, I must call it a day. Good night dear Susan. Let you know just how much I enjoy reading your blog.

Hope you don't get bored putting up with me. ^_^.

Blog: "Meet my dad, he's my best friend"

The Parent-Child relationship can take different hues and turns and can baffle others.

Here's my personal view on being a Parent at the same time as my Children's Best Friend:

Susan, I become a mother at 39 and 40 years old respectively. You can imagine the gulf-age gap between my children and I. I am also very much old-fashioned in my mindset. However, due to my observations of parental autocracy practiced in our Oriental Cultural Society that gone haywire - there were more troubles generated in that system than you think in regards to Parental Role towards Children where parents became abusive of their power and authority that led children to rebel. I saw that when I was a child, as a teenager and as an adult.

Thankfully, even if my parents were very strict, we developed open communication in our family where our parents confronted us on issues of growing up with openness, frankness and straightforwardness. Of course, not all things went smoothly but at least we kept the moral ground of our upbringing at par.

We did not get pregnant, and nobody made someone pregnant and did not commit.

So when I became a parent myself (I am a single mother by circumstances) at an old age, I was pretty straightforward to my children in a very affectionate environment. Our relationship was Parent-Friends. I explained it to my children so as a Parent, they would listen to me and respect me; and, as a Friend, they would come to me and confide in me anything that bothered them. I know of many children who tend to be secretive or have that fear of telling their parents if they do wrong by commission or omission.

Again, there were bloopers somewhere on the way too but I was pleased of the reasonable actions and behaviours of my children.

Parents-Friends is what I will recommend to aspiring parents. The bottom line is: Open Communication, not condemnation if something goes wrong in that relationship. Friendship, love, respect, trust and understanding are the most vital factors to make Parents-Friends relationship work.

That way, there is no barrier and no wall between parents and children. By saying this, I did not imply that we are perfect family. All I say by applying those of the above, nothing will be compromised as to parental leadership, values and principles.


Susan Deborah said...

Now, Inday. I can't stop smiling from ear to ear. I like this idea of putting up your personal comments into a post. A nice way to record your thoughts and words. My picture smiled at me when I arrived here and I couldn't help but smile back.

Warm wishes for a lovely week ahead, dear Inday.

Joy always,

Inday said...

Thank you very much Susan for the surprising honor in visiting this dormant blog. ^_^. Thanks for the permission of letting me borrow what I put in yours.