Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Sibling Frolic by Cherie

Blog Name: This Side of Town
Date: 22 August 2009

Subject: Playing in the puddles

Oh Miss Sanitation. lol.

That word reminds me of two sisters. One is Mrs Filthy and the other is Mrs Clean.

Mrs Filthy is so philosophical and cannot be told to clean up.

She retorted Mrs Clean, "Manang, nobody died of filthiness but many died of too much cleanliness."

True to form and guess who died first? Wanna bet?

Oh boy!

Once in a while, let the children expose to tolerable dirt to build up their immune resistance to bacteria. Just remember the word: Limitation for as long as they will not ingest and digest harmful germs.

Again another thing reminds me of something. When I took the Pharmacy Board Exam in 1984, one question asked was: What is the role of bacteria in Industrialization?


cherie said...

haha1 i got transported over here! good job, ate inday!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Cheeky Cherie. Thanks for the visit. :)

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