Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Tale of Two Apples by David Coulter

Blog Name: osage + orange
Origin: Illinois, USA
Date: August 8, 2009

Subject: Adbusters + Price

Hi Dave, I like supporting local farmers no matter what the cost. People look too much on the cost of one piece of tiny apple and they think they are being ripped off by the price. You're not!

What should people do, including yourself, to understand the predicament of our local producers? Let them grow apple or anything themselves. Let's see how and what experience they will reap from growing them till they bear fruit, harvest and finally till they reach the fruit market stall.

Why Chilean apple is cheaper compared to the Illinois apple?

Did you think of the currency conversion? Do you think the hiatus mark of prices between two differing countries do not hurt the Chilean growers?

Those apples from Chile exported to USA, don't you think the crocodiles did not bring them out at the expense of the local Chilean farmers? Who truly benefit the cost of the Chilean apples? The farmers? No! The third party, not them.

Back to the Illinois apple. The reason of its triple price could be due to supply scarcity in such a big demand of consumers in your area.

It could be due to the losses these local producers incur while at the stage of growing. Think of the weather factor, think of the high cost of maintaining the orchard, think of the cost of labour, think of the cost of machineries, the cost of irrigation, the breakdown and the tax these poor people are paying.

Those are the hidden factors that involve in tagging a price over your piece of tiny apple. Actually there's much more.

Ah, I will always appreciate the sweats of the local growers. They are much friendly and their produce are fresh. The nutrients are guaranteed to make me a healthy and happy person.

When I buy local homegrown produce, I consider their hard labour let alone the cost of their hardwork and the liability that incurs in the growing process.

Enjoy your local market and if possible, appreciate the local homegrown produce.

If I'll live in a place where there is so much space to garden, I'll grow my own. No fertilizers. Just nature's fertilizers that I can make from my own kitchen scrap.

Trouble is, the ground soil here is not for every plant. Besides, water is highly restricted. Our farmers suffer long drought. So, I'm happy paying their price.

Then again, big time farmers here don't get that much either. They too are under the mercy of market and economic exploitation. Meaning, it is always the Third Party who takes the biggest slice. Farmers are only slaves of their own land. Isn't that worth pondering?


I don't know why am telling you this. As a Horticulturist, you should know. Now, am embarrass after realizing who you are. But I don't care. I mind my own opinion. :)

Another thing, people can afford to buy nonsense material things, and why cringe over the price of one Illinois apple? You will moan the time when there's no apple or food for that matter to buy. lol.

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