Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deja Brew by Luna Miranda

Blog Name: Live in the Moment
Meme: Nostalgic Marveling

Subject: Deja Brew
Date: July 28, 2010

My Comment:
Your post is as stimulating as your irresistible mug of thick creamy coffee.

Back home, coffee is a form of social link connecting thoughts of people sitting in a round, square, rectangular or oval table. Some people prefer standing, squatting on the ground, walking, talking while holding that steamy cup of coffee black or white.

This nostalgia of yours brings back good and funny memories about coffee in my childhood.

The coffee that I grew up with was an ordinary coffee and later on that was extended to the aromatic, salivating coffee - homemade and fresh from the coffee tree - coffea arabica grown in someone else backyard to which we were allowed by the owner to harvest and make use of.

Recently, I learned that coffee helps or stimulates memory. No wonder why my Medical Student roommate in the university drank it like water in pure black brew! I could not remember her sleeping at all and I suffered in silence because the light was left on till morning. Fancy how I survive!

Great nostalgic trip here dear. Very intelligent prose.

This is going to be featured in my Blog Comments blog.

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