Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Plant Education via The Orchard by Titania

Blog Name: yesterday today and tomorrow
Origin: Australia
Date: September 6, 2009

Subject: Designer Stuff

Good morning Titania. With so many blogs to visit I could hardly keep up.

Coleus plants come in many varieties. And yes, they are easy to grow being succulents. Some are decoratives and some are medicinals. The most popular medicinal specie is the read with semi elongated leaves. Good for treating bruises and wounds. In another blog it mentioned that it is also good for headaches and coughs.

I love the Calathea amabilis or Prayer plant. The contour of the leaves alone and the form of the ribs is quite interesting: leaves within a leaf.

It is from you that I learn most of the names of the plant.

If you allow me to copy the picture with their names on it, that's all what I am interested about.

I studied Pharmacognosy in my Pharmacy class and most of my knowledge are forgotten being out of practice.

Meanwhile, am not doing anything until I hear approval or disapproval from you.

I do find it hard to compare pictures in my Plant Encyclopedia because the pictures varies and that makes me so unsure. Even if I google them.

Thank you dear teacher.


Titania said...

Bonnie you are very welcome to copy and use the pictures from my blog.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Thank you so much Titania. I have better way of doing it. So I posted it in my blog comments instead. Thanks heaps again. :)