Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Sydney Christmas

Blog Name: Sydney Eye
Origin: Sydney Australia

Subject: Familytime

What a wowie of an array of pictures here!

How much I enjoy reading your post. You know Julie what I love most amongst Australian writers? Their colourful words. Very compelling and they never ever are dull. Australian words except the SW (lol) are pretty colourful almost as colourful as any paint the artist can take to the canvas. They never put me to sleep.

That is the reason why I buy newspapers and magazines, not as often though, and I read them with much perusive digestion. Well, I just made that up from its own adjective (perusable) which sounds more expletive, explosive and emotive.

Your post here highly demonstrates that.

It's funny though that there is still much literacy problem this country has to tackle and deal with.

Great to find your blog. Thanks to Jim of Sydney - City and Suburbs.

Must visit more often.

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