Friday, May 8, 2009

Overview Park, Bukidnon by Marites

Blog Name: Manuroy Ta
Description: Marites' Travel Tales
Blog Meme: My World
Origin: Bukidnon, Philippines
Date:May 4, 2009

This is the Overview Park in Palacapao, Bukidnon. Situated along one of the many zigzag highways of Bukidnon Province, it is an interesting and invigorating stopover for weary and butt-hardened travellers. The eight-hectare park sits on top of a hill overlooking the municipalities of Bukidnon.

This park is a project of Department of Public Works and Highways

Marites, I'd been to Bukidnon but only once. It was a short stay-in and never got the chance of seeing the place inland. The only feature I saw there was the Pineapple plantation by plane.

These photographs are great awakening and enlightening for someone like me. Thank you so much for your innovative postings.

Our country is truly marvellous just like in all other countries. How precious our great Maker indeed for all His wonderful creation.

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