Thursday, May 28, 2009

Got Spirit? by RCUBEs

Blog Name: Off the Beaten Trek
Date:May 26, 2009

I didn’t see “self confidence”when the Highway Patrol Officer led this young man into the chair inside the Nurse’s Clinic at Intake [where arrestees first get searched and processed in prisons]. Bowing his head way low, his chin almost touching his upper chest, he wouldn’t dare look me in the eye. I saw some beads of tears fall as he constantly rubbed his eyes with the digits of his left hand.

Hello! I come across your blog thru Silver's blog. I am a single mother myself raising two children on my own. There was a time that my girls and I rode on a high rough sea in our life. It was a hard struggle juggling my responsibilities as a working mother, a provider, a guidance counsellor and all. If there is anything I can attribute our life it is to our Providence above. I admit, I could not do the enormity of my job without His help. I grounded my girls with God's teachings and being grateful for His mercy and provisions in spite our struggles. My eldest especially was involved with questionable characters at school but only as their pillar because she was a no nonsense kid. She was persecuted as being a goody-goody girl and in turned she blamed me for it. In the long run, she gained respect from them the moment they met me in person. She openly confessed to me that she did try the demons via her school friends just to get herself IN the crowd, literally speaking. Then again, she said, "the trouble Mum is the demons that I tried did not like me." If she did not exercise self-control and did not know how to say NO, and if she was not grounded with Fear of the Lord, I don't know what I was going to do. The Angel of the Lord protects her. I was glad that my children can come to me and talk even there were times they did not feel like talking. It is very important for parents to establish trust and friendship with their children to boost their confidence. I made it sure to my girls that it was paramount to me to know their friends and family. As a parent I did not judge her friends instead I showed them my motherly compassion. Their parents in turn are very caring towards my children. Hope we can give our troubled teenagers a GO with patience and love. Love is the factor there.

Insightful blog you have here.


RCUBEs said...

Thank you for the follow. I appreciate you posting it here. Hey! It doesn't matter if you have thousands of blogs...the Lord is using you in many ways! I pray that many are touched and will come to know our Lord's love and grace through our writing. God bless sister and I'll visit you again [many times :)]...

Bonnie Bonsai said...

In this end and perilous times, the world does need a Lord. This is the reason why the world is facing troublesome events because the people forsake God. And they do not know that. Thanks for your visit too.