Friday, May 8, 2009

P for Panorama, Netherlands

Blog Name: Reader Wil
Meme: ABC Wednesday
Origin:The Netherlands
Date: May 5, 2009

Why this Panorama?
This is what the painter says:

"A destructive process that has affected the Flower Bulb District since the nineteen - fifties has caused the disappearance of many farms, flower bulb sheds, buildings, houses, windmills, etc. that were characteristic to the district. Also large tracts of land formerly used for flower bulb cultivation have been sacrificed to the expansion of the towns and villages in the district.

A growing group of people, including myself, who are increasingly concerned as they witness this process unfold, strongly believe that one ought to treat one's cultural heritage with care and respect, and we should make a concerted effort to stop the process and conserve what is still there".

Growing bulbs is a very interesting job in the west of the Netherlands, because the soil is exceptionally suitable for it. As soon as the flowers are fully grown, they will be cut off without their stems. The flowers are beautiful but will be used for decorations. The bulbs are intended for export.

All these memes will all keep less busy people busy. But as we are getting older, we do need mental stimulation, least, we'll contract Alzheimer, dementia, amnesia and all other Mannasseh's (forgetfulness) syndrome that even a pen tucked behind our ears, we can't remember. lol.

Anyway, Ma'am, this is very interesting story you tell about Tulips in The Netherlands. I met a friend through Yahoo a very long time ago, and she sent me pictures of Tulips from your country. They are dainty and beautiful. I'm sure, Australia is one of the importers of tulips from your country.

I think all countries suffer the way yours do in the name of Prosperity. That adversely affected the balance of our ecology due to needless and ruthless killing of our natural resources that help protect our environment.

Meantime, I'd say, Thank you very much for visiting my Morphing Words by poetry.

I am truly touched by your words and encouragement as well. The story I wrote there was my ideal life of how should my marriage would be to last like yours. So I just keep my dreams burning in my soul through poetry.

Again, thank you for the honour of your visit.

Let me include a bit of yours in my new blog I have just created. This will take for awhile to complete though, my blog comments


Reader Wil said...

Thank you for the honour of using my post! It's a great idee to collect all the important comments. Thanks

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You are so thoughtful and warm. Thanks for the inspiration too!