Friday, July 10, 2009

That's My World Close to Home by Sylvia

Blog Name: Sylvia From Over The Hill
Date:July 27, 2009
Meme: My World
Subject:Sylvia's Favourite Post in Review

You are being surrounded by God's abounding Grace Sylvia. A beautiful world, a beautiful place, a beautiful mind.

Such a gift of wisdom that you fearlessly share with much generosity to the blogworld.

Happy Birthday, and many happy returns of the day!

Title of the Post: Evening Wisdom, Summer, Beauty
Date: July 9, 2009
Subject: Evening Wisdom, Summer, Beauty

Mark Twain's brilliant advice: Explore, Dream and Discover do make a difference to those who lack courage. A good push to try new things. With wisdom and beauty you possess: heart, mind and soul,the blogworld will be full of Enthusiastic and Inspired beings Sylvia.

Maybe you would like to take a peek on here again?

Meme:Shadow Shot Sunday
Date:May 23, 2009
Subject: Playing Shadow

Ah! fun time! Playing with shadows! It's Shadow Shot Sunday! This is sponsored by Hey Harriet! Click on her name to sign up and join in the fun!

That is so cool! It's fun time indeed. I think we are giving the economic world a boost with our photo blogging via Memes promotion. Cameras, films ...ah commerce and industry and trading.... it's all for our hobby's sake.

I love the lovely Leg. hehe really cute!

"We grow old because we stop playing."

Give this a peek, Sylvia. In a little while later.
Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Subject: Evening Words, Wisdom and Beauty

Your animation of nature to the words of the sage are just as irreversible as those of human-made regrets. Beautifully quipped Sylvia. Just those white clouds alone, they do pop up in the sky like quizzes. We do not know where they came from and we do not know how they are going to end. They recycle in many forms. The cascades could not even provide answers to humans endless quest of thirst for knowledge.

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