Friday, June 12, 2009

Railroad Cars by Lois

Blog Name: Tallahassee Daily Photo
Meme: Skywatch Friday
Origin: Jacksonville Beach

Your Old Railroad Track brings back memory of a once upon a time country town life in Orange...where we fetched our drinking water from a Rain Water Tank up in Borenore by the old railroad track. It's both a happy and sad memory.

The Cake Shop by Lois

Subject: Cake Shop
Date: July 12, 2009

Yes, the cake shop sign does look cool!

In 2005, my friend from Raleigh took me to Charlotte. We stopped by at a Cake Shop to buy something for the church afternoon snack which we usually do for fellowship after the service.

The shop was closing for it only operated half a day that day!

Guess what? I virtually bought everything for half the price and the owner gave us lots of goodies for free!

How happy I was! And the brethren were all happy to have them all!

Very cheap!!!!

Atlantic Ocean by Lois

Date:June 11, 2009
Subject: Atlantic Ocean

I like the stillness of the sea, the soft glide of the tender waves to the shore. The sweet compliment of the mellow sunrise...adds the splendour to your skywatch friday treat.

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