Monday, June 8, 2009

Mt. Kinabalu by Vicki

Blog Name:Postcards n Stamps Plus
Subject: Handicrafts
Date: June 20, 2009

Look Vicky, they are all beautiful! Do you know that I collect postcards and stamps too? Do you mind if we can send stamps and postcards with one another? I suppose that is the only way to have it? My girls said, "more junk!" But, they just did not realize it, so I leave them saying that.

I used to have a very old collection of Philippines stamps dated back in 1700-1800? They were not originally mine. I found them in an old abandoned dilapidated house in the neighbourhood. So I thought it was my luck!

Because of our nomadic way of life, I lost a lot of my personal treasure that I had accumulated over the years since I was very young.

I don't know if my girls will really take my collections with importance. If they don't, I'm still eyeing of an organization who can make good use of them.

Blog Name: Beauty for Ashes
Origin: Sabah,Malaysia
Meme: Skywatch Friday
Date:June 4, 2009

Today I am proud to present you some views of Mount Kinabalu (4093m), it is only less than 2 hours drive but I am already more than 1500m above Kota Kinabalu ( the city named after this majestic mountain) on the coast.

Very beautiful. I love those clouds nestling through the cleavage of the mountains. Amazing view!


Vicky said...

Oh Bonnie, what a pleasant surprise! I really didn't expect this. Anyway it was a very thoughtful idea and thank you so much. I am so glad you enjoy the mountain views.I hope you will come and visit this world heritage site. Sometimes later in August I will visit this place again and stay for a night or two. so, stay tune for more pictures...

Bonnie Bonsai said...

I surely will Vicky. Thanks for your visit. The world overwhelms me. So much to appreciate life for.